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Version 2 Schema (#1197)


This deprecation breaks the following functionality:

  • Any Taskfiles that use the version 2 schema
  • Taskvar.yml files

The Taskfile version 2 schema was introduced in March 2018 and replaced by version 3 in August 2019. In May 2023 we published a deprecation notice for the version 2 schema on the basis that the vast majority of users had already upgraded to version 3 and removing support for version 2 would allow us to tidy up the codebase and focus on new functionality instead.

In December 2023, the final version of Task that supports the version 2 schema (v3.33.0) was published and all legacy code was removed from Task's main branch. To use a more recent version of Task, you will need to ensure that your Taskfile uses the version 3 schema instead. A list of changes between version 2 and version 3 are available in the Task v3 Release Notes.