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Taskfile Versions

The Taskfile schema slowly changes as new features are added and old ones are removed. This document explains how to use a Taskfile's schema version to ensure that the users of your Taskfile are using the correct versions of Task.

What the Taskfile version means

The schema version at the top of every Taskfile corresponds to a version of the Task CLI, and by extension, the features that are provided by that version. When creating a Taskfile, you should specify the minimum version of Task that supports the features you require. If you try to run a Taskfile with a version of Task that does not meet this minimum required version, it will exit with an error. For example, given a Taskfile that starts with:

version: '3.2.1'

When executed with Task v3.2.0, it will exit with an error. Running with version v3.2.1 or higher will work as expected.

Task accepts any SemVer compatible string including versions which omit the minor or patch numbers. For example, 3, 3.0, and 3.0.0 all mean the same thing and are all valid. Most Taskfiles only specify the major version number. However it can be useful to be more specific when you intend to share a Taskfile with others.

For example, the Taskfile below makes use of aliases:

version: '3'

- hi
- hey
- echo "Hello, world!"

Aliases were introduced in Task v3.17.0, but the Taskfile only specifies 3 as the version. This means that a user who has v3.16.0 or lower installed will get a potentially confusing error message when trying to run the Task as the Taskfile specifies that any version greater or equal to v3.0.0 is fine.

Instead, we should start the file like this:

version: '3.17'

Now when someone tries to run the Taskfile with an older version of Task, they will receive an error prompting them to upgrade their version of Task to v3.17.0 or greater.

Versions 1 & 2

Version 1 and 2 of Task are no longer officially supported and anyone still using them is strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Task.

While version: 2 of Task did support schema versions, the behavior did not work in quite the same way and cannot be relied upon for the purposes discussed above.