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Some of the work to improve the Task ecosystem is done by the community, be it installation methods or integrations with code editor. I (the author) am thankful for everyone that helps me to improve the overall experience.


@DeronW maintains the Chinese translation of the website on this repository.

Editor Integrations

JSON Schema

Initial work on the schema was made by @KROSF on this Gist. The schema is currently available at and linked at so it is be used automatically many code editors, like VSCode. Contributions can be done by editing this file.

Visual Studio Code extension

Additionally, there's also some work done by @paulvarache in making an Visual Studio Code extension, which has its code here and is published here.

Sublime Text 4 package

There is a convenience wrapper for initializing and running tasks from Sublime Text's command palette. The package is developed by @biozz, the source code is available here and it is published on Package Control here.

IntelliJ plugin

There's a JetBrains IntelliJ plugin done by @lechuckroh, which has its code here and is published here.

Other Integrations

  • mk command line tool recognizes Taskfiles natively.

Installation methods

Some installation methods are maintained by third party:


Also, thanks for all the code contributors, financial contributors, all those who reported bugs and answered questions.

If you know something that is missing in this document, please submit a pull request.