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Gentle Force (#1200)


All experimental features are subject to breaking changes and/or removal at any time. We strongly recommend that you do not use these features in a production environment. They are intended for testing and feedback only.


This experiment breaks the following functionality:

  • The --force flag

To enable this experiment, set the environment variable: TASK_X_GENTLE_FORCE=1. Check out our guide to enabling experiments for more information.

The --force flag currently forces all tasks to run regardless of the status checks. This can be useful, but we have found that most of the time users only expect the direct task they are calling to be forced and not all of its dependant tasks.

This experiment changes the --force flag to only force the directly called task. All dependant tasks will have their statuses checked as normal and will only run if Task considers them to be out of date. A new --force-all flag will also be added to maintain the current behavior for users that need this functionality.

If you want to migrate, but continue to force all dependant tasks to run, you should replace all uses of the --force flag with --force-all. Alternatively, if you want to adopt the new behavior, you can continue to use the --force flag as you do now!