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Bağış Yapma

If you find this project useful, you can consider donating by using one of the channels listed below.

This is just a way of saying "thank you", it won't give you any benefits like higher priority on issues or something similar.

Companies who donate at least $50/month will be featured as a "Gold Sponsor" in the website homepage and on the GitHub repository README. Make contact with @andreynering with the logo you want to be shown. Suspect businesses (gambling, casinos, etc) won't be allowed, though.

GitHub Sponsorları

The preferred way to donate to the maintainers is via GitHub Sponsors. Just use the following links to do your donation. We suggest a 50/50 split to each maintainer of the total amount you plan to donate to the project.

Open Collective

OpenCollective'i tercih ediyorsan aşağıdaki bağlantıları kullanarak bağış yapabilirsin:


@andreynering'e PayPal ile de bağış yapabilirsin:

PIX (Sadece Brazilya)

Ve eğer Brazilyalıysan, bu QR Kodu kullanarak @andreynering'e PIX ile bağış yapabilirsin.