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Visual Studio Code Extension

Task has an official extension for Visual Studio Code. El código de ese proyecto puede ser encontrado aquí. Para usar la extensión es necesario tener instalada la versión v3.23.0+ de Task.

La extensión proporciona las siguientes funcionalidades (y más...):

  • View tasks in the sidebar.
  • Ejecuta tareas desde la barra lateral y la paleta de comandos.
  • Go to definition from the sidebar and command palette.
  • Run last task command.
  • Multi-root workspace support.
  • Initialize a Taskfile in the current workspace.

To get autocompletion and validation for your Taskfile, see the Schema section below.

Task for Visual Studio Code


This was initially created by @KROSF in this Gist and is now officially maintained in this file and made available at This schema can be used to validate Taskfiles and provide autocompletion in many code editors:

Visual Studio Code

To integrate the schema into VS Code, you need to install the YAML extension by Red Hat. Any Taskfile.yml in your project should automatically be detected and validation/autocompletion should work. If this doesn't work or you want to manually configure it for files with a different name, you can add the following to your settings.json:

// settings.json
"yaml.schemas": {
"": [

You can also configure the schema directly inside of a Taskfile by adding the following comment to the top of the file:

# yaml-language-server: $schema=
version: '3'

You can find more information on this in the YAML language server project.

Community Integrations

In addition to our official integrations, there is an amazing community of developers who have created their own integrations for Task:

If you have made something that integrates with Task, please feel free to open a PR to add it to this list.